Emergency Management Commission

The Mahaska County Emergency Management Commission is the governing body of the Emergency Management Agency.  As required in Iowa Code 29C.9 the EMA Commission is made up of all the mayors, or designee, in Mahaska County, one representative from the Board of Supervisors, and the Sheriff.  The Commission appoints the Coordinator to manage the agency and assist the Commission.


The Mahaska County EMA Commission is made up of the following members:

Mahaska County Board of Supervisors
Mark Groenendyk

Mahaska County Sheriff's Office
Russel Van Renterghem- Commission Chair

Barnes City
Mayor Barb Davis

Councilman Danny Fetters

Mayor Doug Greenlee

Mayor John Van Zante

Keomah Village

Councilman Craig Coen

Mayor Keith Beintema
Councilwoman Kim Sytsma

New Sharon
Mayor Keri Lamberson

Councilman Tom Walling- Commission Vice Chair


Designee Robert Bokinsky 

Rose Hill
Councilwoman Janet Martin

University Park
Mayor George Toubekis