Emergency Notification



 Mahaska County Emergency Notification System (MCENS) is a mass notification service provided by Mahaska County Emergency Management Agency (MCEMA). MCENS gives MCEMA the ability to send out mass notifications regarding emergency or general events. These messages can be sent to specific locations or county wide. Residents can also select to receive weather warnings on their mobile phone. This is a free opt-in service available to all Mahaska County residents.  

Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS)


 In the height of an emergency, you need to have the fastest, most reliable system for communicating to the masses. MahaskaA!erts Wireless Emergency Notification System or WENS, uses true SMS and voice messaging as the basis for communication for emergency notification, mass notification, campus notification and pandemic alerts. This system was designed to work proficiently in the event of the most extreme-case scenarios. WENS ensures a reliable method of communication at a time when it is needed most, and allows first responders and emergency personnel to focus on aiding a fully informed community. 

Don't live in Mahaska, NO PROBLEM


If you don't live in Mahaska County you will be happy to know this is a STATEWIDE system.  So you can easily sign up for alerts in other areas of the state.